TWX*RollingSt – Charge Card Explanation & Contact Info

TWX*RollingStAre you looking for information about a TWX*RollingSt charge on a charge card statement? Here are some answers.

“TWX RollingSt” or “TWX Rolling Stone Magazine” is a charge card payment I.D. number used by TWXMagazine, a company that oversees magazine subscriptions for other companies that have customer clubs and discount loyalty clubs.RollingSt Billie Joe Armstong - Green Day Cover

Airline frequent flyer programs, customer loyalty shopping clubs, department store clubs and other organizations frequently contract with TWX Magazine so that they may provide their customers with great magazine discount offers.

Often, there is a free subscription trial period to try out a magazine subscription. After you’ve tried out the magazine title (such as TWX*RollingSt) for a few months, you may opt out of the subscription offer, or take no action and just continue receiving issues monthly, and your subscription fees will be billed directly to the charge card or bank account associated with the membership company through which the offer was made. Read on for details and contact information:

TWX RollingSt Credit Card Statement ChargeTWX Magazines mails postcards notifying you just prior to the end of the trial period, alerting you that you will need to opt out of receiving the magazines or else the agreed upon subscription fee will be charged. Sometimes, the postcards can be missed in the mail if you’re not careful.

TWX Magazines aims to provide good service to customers, so if an alteration needs to be made to the address and billing info, or if you desire to cancel a “TWX RollingSt” subscription, please visit our website pages and select an option for contacting us:

TWX* Magazine Contact info: Contact Us

Rolling Stone (RollingSt) is written for a discriminating reader who is following topics in entertainment, particularly music, movies, TV, tech, and international news. It combines important entertainment reviews with multicultural and social commentary, presenting articles on politics, celebs, musicology, and more. The latest music news on those who continue to rock everyone.

About SynapseGroup

Synapse Group, Inc. is a marketing company based in Stamford, Connecticut. Synapse Group's goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships between their business partners and magazine subscribers. Synapse Group, Inc. 225 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT 06905 Customer Service: 800-426-0357
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